Posted by: fostermccurley | April 19, 2013

Aging Mindfully

Welcome to Aging Mindfully. These podcasts present an interdisciplinary dialogue between George Simms and Foster McCurley on opportunities and challenges connected with aging.

George Simms has a special interest in the moral dimensions of medical decision making and the integration of the biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of aging. George has prepared himself well for this integration. He has a medical degree, a Ph.D. in human behavior, and a master’s degree in theology.

Foster McCurley has two master degrees in theology and a Ph.D. in Assyriology. For the first half of Foster’s professional career, he served as a faculty member at a theological seminary. The latter half moved him to the theological challenges of social justice issues and to social ministry organizations of the Lutheran church, including seven years as a member of the Lutheran Disaster Response team.


Download or listen to the introductory episode of Aging Mindfully here.


  1. I stumbled on your blog this morning and listened to your introductory podcast. As I watch to my elderly parents struggle with being the sole survivors of their peer group, and as I recognize that the number of folks I have loved and who now live in my memory continues to grow in proportion to those who are part of my daily life, my interest in love and grief and life and death is meaningful in different ways than it was when I was younger. I look forward to hearing your insights on Aging Mindfully.

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